Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung S.A.


United Nations Global Compact

As a global leader in the field of Technical Inspection and Certification Services, Swiss Approval Group has a commitment towards promoting sustainability and fighting corruption, having joined the United Nations Global Compact.

Fully aligned with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, the company guarantees:

  • The well-being of employees and the maintenance of authority and power through the use of organisational charts, and unequivocally condemns all violations of human rights.


  • A safe working environment for all workers, in relation to the legal age for employment as well as gender equality. Swiss Approval therefore advocates the fight against child labour, the abolition of forced labour and the elimination of gender discrimination. 


  • An environmentally friendly operating policy. In cooperation with its customers, the company is geared towards implementing environmentally friendly policies and guidelines, reinforcing the principle of sustainability. In its role as a notified inspection body, Swiss Approval seeks to ensure that the principles of sustainable and ecological environmental management are adequately met.


  • Transparency in business operations. The company’s profile and its history constitute strong and objective evidence of the long-standing trust expressed by its activity. Swiss Approval’s decision-making strategy is governed by the principles of pluralism and fertile review, aiming at the progress and efficient execution of projects, which in itself makes a vital contribution towards combating corruption and extortion.