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B&W CERT Certification, Mass Event Organizer

Mass gatherings and events that are conducted with a large number of attendees are shown to be associated with increased opportunities for the need to provide out-of-hospital care, emergency care or crisis response, events that pose a significant challenge and should be handled promptly and effectively in order to ensure the health and safety of the attendees. Widely attended events require excellent organization of the provision of specialized first aid, medical, and other services related to the provision of emergency health care at a higher rate than may be required for a small population in the community.

Nevertheless, there is significant variation among health events that occur in mass gatherings.

The number of health problem incidents among participants in mass gatherings has been shown to be higher than that expected in the general population of similar size. In addition, it is proven that 0.5% to 1.5% of concert-goers will require some form of medical treatment, regardless of the size of the event, local-spatial factors, and environmental conditions, while over 10% of patients are diagnosed with excessive alcohol consumption and drug use. Other common events include falls and accidents, musculoskeletal incidents – fractures and sprains – burns, heatstroke, seizures, asthma, and exposure to allergens.

Medical care in a mass gathering may be required to cover a large number of potential patient cases of varying acuity and usually with limited availability and/or a complete lack of medical history for each of them. Care is provided in temporary facilities with limited logistical resources. Healthcare providers face the challenge of operating effectively in this environment without having hospital equipment at their disposal, trying to maintain a high level of care and coordinate the care of different cases, often for a large number of patients.

Certification to the B&W CERT standard is a seal of confidence for Mass Event Organisers, demonstrating a high level of safety and preparedness in the event of a risk to public health.

The key Good Practices and International Guidelines that are applied are aimed at the following:

  • -Ensuring safety and security in the venues and facilities of events/mass gatherings
  • -Effective management of health hazards for visitors
  • -Responsible coverage of the sense of security of the public and visitors on the part of the organisers
  • -Protecting the organiser’s credibility and civil liability with regard to safeguarding the lives of visitors in the most appropriate and professional manner.

Application for certification

In order to apply for the certification of the Company, the online application form must be completed in the Offers section of the Swiss Approval website. Access is then given to the text of the specifications and compliance criteria of the Standard.

After the delivery of the Standard and the submission of data by the company interested in certification, the financial offer will follow.

Requirements for certification

The “Company” applying for certification under the “B&W CERT” Standard, for compliance with the current Requirements Framework, must meet the following requirements:

Operate as a legal “Business”/”Provider”/”Organization” providing event management services in the country of establishment, in accordance with the existing national, legal and regulatory framework in force.

Preparation stage

The preparation process for certification includes the following steps: A detailed checklist is forwarded to the management of the Event Organiser and in conjunction with the Standard, whereupon the quality assurance department or other relevant department, should follow the specifications listed in the HSTARI Standard in order for the organisation to meet the key checkpoints.

Swiss Approval’s support office assists in the training process for the Event Magician Unit staff, and answers questions if clarification is required.

Once all the necessary procedures have been completed, the relevant documents and the required information regarding documentation and related evidence should be submitted to Swiss Approval’s Certification Department in accordance with the relevant instructions.

Certification Decision

The Certification Manager will evaluate all relevant documentation and evidence (as well as the inspectors’ report), and will decide independently and objectively, whether to grant certification or whether there are significant discrepancies and reject the certification.