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B&W Certification Scheme – Hospitality Services – Hotels

Certification Scheme for Customer Health and Safety

The B&W certificate is a seal of confidence for any hotel/hospitality establishment in dealing with unexpected situations regarding the health and safety of guests and clients, as well as the prophylaxis of any infectious diseases.

Hotels, as an integral part of the tourism sector and the development axis that underpins tourism, must invest in innovative practices and the implementation of quality and safety assurance systems for their services in order to enhance guest confidence. Medical and health problems and incidents occurring in tourist accommodation vary from simple, acute problems to complex, life-threatening incidents. Hotels and accommodation establishments play an important role by being at the forefront of providing solutions and effective management of incidents related to the safety and health of their guests.

Swiss Approval presents the innovative B&W CERT certification program for hotels and hospitality services with regard to Customer Health and Safety, based on a set of criteria, compliance with which must be demonstrated through documented evidence submitted by the business concerned.

For businesses with more than 1000 guests, an additional on-site visit shall take place as part of the compliance assessment process.

The Good Practices and International Guidelines implemented through the B&W Standard aim to meet the following important objectives:

  • -Ensuring physical security in the accommodation
  • -Effective management of health emergencies of tourists/visitors/clients
  • -Ensuring comfort and confidence which is a duty of the business in the context of serving guests and visitors
  • -Protection of visitors in relation to infectious diseases, and management of potential outbreaks and incidents.

Protecting the Brand and Reputation of the hospitality business with regard to safeguarding the life and health of guests, which is met by the most appropriate and reliable methodologies.

Application for certification

In order to apply for the certification of the Business, the online application is completed in the Offers section of the Swiss Approval website. The text of the specifications and compliance criteria of the B&W Standard is then accessed.

Upon receipt of the standard, the Company can begin to adapt to the requirements in order to obtain B&W CERT certification.

Subsequently, a financial offer is issued in relation to the requested certification project.

Requirements for certification

A ‘Business‘ applying for ‘B&W‘ certification under the current framework of compliance requirements must meet the following basic requirements:

  1. 1. The Business must operate as a legally licensed “Company”/”Provider”/”Organization” of hospitality services in the country of establishment, in accordance with the existing national legal and regulatory framework in force.
  2. 2. In the case of a hotel business, it must have been rated with at least ‘4’ stars with regard to the level of quality of the services provided, according to the current national/international applicable hotel classification system. Campsites are also included among the hospitality businesses that may be included in the standard.

Preparation stage of the hospitality business.

The process of preparation for certification includes the following: A detailed checklist is forwarded to the Management of the Business and in conjunction with the Standard, the Quality Assurance Department or relevant competent department should follow the specifications listed in the B&W Standard in order to satisfy the listed checkpoints. Relevant documentation should be available and submitted to the organisation to demonstrate that the requirements of the standard have been met and that the required actions have been complied with.

The Swiss Approval contact desk (Swiss Approval help desk) supports the customer’s clarification process should clarifications be required.

Upon completion of all procedures necessary for compliance, all documentation and associated evidence should be submitted to the Swiss Approval Certification Department in accordance with the relevant stated instructions.

For establishments with a capacity of more than 1000 guests, a scheduled on-site visit – inspection by Swiss Approval’s special inspectors shall be carried out in addition to the submission of the required documentation.

Certification Decision

The Certification Manager will evaluate all relevant documents and evidence (as well as the inspectors’ report), and will independently and objectively decide on certification or the existence of significant discrepancies and reject the certification.

For more information regarding the use of the standard, on the Swiss Approval International website, CLICK HERE.