Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung S.A.


Swiss Approval introduces the innovative, exclusive and patented EQ-Fast Method, based on the recommendations of Eurocode 8 for the measurement of the seismic risk of structures by carrying out measurements of the fundamental natural frequencies (natural frequencies) of both the building and its subsoil.

It is an internationally patented, non-destructive, non-destructive instrumental tool for the seismic risk assessment of structures and is the most reliable method used to derive realistic damage probability figures. (Germany Patent No 1182301 (EU), 552368/02 (JP) and 10/362, 649(USA)).

The assessment can be carried out at two different levels of evaluation, based on customer-selected parameters regarding accuracy and reliability, as well as according to the time and cost available.

Swiss Approval is able to provide services to its clients throughout the life cycle for the assessment of buildings and with the applied methodologies by its qualified staff, it provides the possibility of earthquake vulnerability/earthquake resilience inspections, as well as objective assessments and accessibility audits in accordance with international standards and national and international legislation.