Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung S.A.


Inspections and Audits as an Independent Third Party Ispection Body

Swiss Approval Technishe Bewertung is accredited according to ISO 17020 to carry out inspections as an Independent Third Party Inspection Body.

Our internationally experienced staff has the appropriate experience and expertise to provide effective services in accordance with the requirements of the applicable specifications and standards. 

Third Party Inspection services are based on independent ispection services to ensure that the execution and implementation procedures comply with code specifications and/or standard. 

Compliance Audit Services

Our Institution, through its specialized team of experts in numerous fields, provides compliance audit services to meet compliance and certification requirements in accordance with international and national standards (legal framework, operational licensing frameworks, etc.), private standards and international regulatory frameworks.

After conducting the relevant audits/assessment inspections through a thorough special audit at the customer’s premises, and remedying any deficiencies, the Entity issues the relevant certificate/confirmation of compliance.

 Indicative services are the following:

  • Certificate of Compliance according to the New European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Certificate of Compliance in accordance with the National Specifications for Medically Assisted Reproduction Units (MARUs) and Cryopreservation Banks (Government Gazette No. 20/A/19-2-2016, 2639/B/08-12-2015).
  • Certificate of compliance with the principles of the Global Compact

Swiss Approval International consistently and professionally provides the above services, giving companies the appropriate passport for the international and national market, ensuring compliance with the principles and predefined rules with accuracy and independence.