Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung S.A.


The Machinery Directive provides for the manufacturer (the one who places the machinery on the market under his own name) the obligations established for a New Approach Directive (conformity assessment and conformity of the machinery, drawing up the declaration of conformity, affixing the CE marking).

The Directive also provides that, in cases where there is no manufacturer or authorised representative, the natural or legal person who places machinery on the market or puts it into service is considered to be the manufacturer.

When machinery is placed on the market, it is accompanied by the manufacturer’s declaration of conformity, while partly completed machinery is accompanied by the certificate of incorporation.

SWISS APPROVAL is a Notified Body for machinery in accordance with the following scope:

16. Vehicle servicing lifts
17. Devices for the lifting of persons or of persons and goods involving a hazard of falling from a vertical height of more than three metres
EC type-examinationAnnex IX – Art. 12 (3) (b) and (4) (a)