Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung S.A.


Product Approval & Certification

In the context of harmonization of the technical legislation of European countries in accordance with the current European framework, it is foreseen the implementation of procedures to guarantee the safety and quality of products, whether the production takes place within Europe or outside the EU, thus making product certification necessary for every producer / commercial intermediary – agent / importer of products, in order to move them within the European borders.

The Swiss Approval International emblem is an approved Brand Name, widely used, as well as an indisputable means to support producers/ commercial agents/ importers in the application of Community legislation regarding product safety, indicating that the products in question have been validly checked by authorised bodies as to their compliance with the applicable European directives or regulations, before being placed on the European Union market.

CE and GS

The CE conformity mark is an important indicator, which shows the conformity of a product with the regulations of European legislation, and acts as a “passport” for the free movement and distribution of the product on the European market. The products covered by the CE marking requirements are those that are explicitly included and referred to in the “New Approach Directives” and the “Technical Harmonisation Directives”.

The GS Mark on a product stands for “Geprüg fte Sicherheit” / “Testing for Safety” and certifies that the product complies with the requirements of the German legal framework regarding safety and in accordance with the relevant regulations, trade association requirements, DIN and EN standards, as well as in accordance with widely accepted technical specifications.

The Swiss Approval Group of Companies has the know-how and the necessary laboratory network to undertake the issue of a CE certificate of conformity for the majority of products already available or to be placed on the market.

Laboratory network

Swiss Approval’s International Network of Associated Accredited Laboratories meets all legal requirements for testing and certification for the free movement of products in Europe or the USA, and guarantees product safety and compliance through independent testing, technical audits and inspections at every stage, from initial design to final production and use.