Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung S.A.


Management Philosophy

The main Management Philosophy of the Swiss Approval Certification Network is based on the axiom that the Inspectorate and the Certification Bodies must represent the principles of reliability and objectivity, on which the operation of the international institutional and regulatory framework of Accreditation is built, essentially aiming at the protection of consumers, the enhancement of quality in production lines and the protection of the environment.
Based on both the historical and the philosophical implementation of the “Standards”, increasingly, in recent years, we have come to the conclusion that the “Technical Standards” related to the assurance of compliance with safety and quality standards in the Production, Industrial and Technological sectors, have clear correspondences with the “Social Laws” common to all of us, which are considered necessary for a balanced social structure and the formation of a healthy and competitive market and economy.

However, important elements which differentiate ‘Technical Standards’ from ‘Social Laws’ are their ‘quantification’ and their ‘measurability’, two parameters which make ‘Technical Standards’ widely and universally accepted nowadays. Modern Standards are mainly based on international systems and methodologies of codification, on common concepts and ‘normative frameworks’ in the arts and sciences, the so-called ‘Normativity Frameworks’.
The Swiss Approval International Group of Companies has grown gradually over the last 15 years, forming partnerships and an ever-expanding network of clients around the world. As a result, the integration of different fields of knowledge and the consolidation of the experience of different companies from different countries, leading, as a whole, the members of the Group, to the achievement of a vast expertise and a wide range of Inspection and Certification services in various fields.

Swiss Approval International represents the global leader in the field of Technical Inspections and Certification of Systems, Services and Products, integrating experience, scientific and technological knowledge, innovation and specialized expertise, operating mainly in the South East, Central Europe and Middle East region.

Our Vision

Our vision is the creation of a high level and value-added network of Inspection and Certification services, consisting of specially trained and certified professional Inspectors, who pursue the continuous improvement of their professional specializations, demonstrating professional interest and highlighting in action the importance of Inspection for the formation of a common factor and perception regarding the importance of quality compliance in the production process and safeguarding the interests of our customers.

The transfer of know-how and the exchange of experience and expertise by our Inspectors and Evaluators is particularly important for young professionals who are oriented to invest in the areas of quality assurance in their production process. The adoption of this culture takes place through interaction with the different stakeholders of the different sectors from the whole range of activities. The expertise of the Certification Bodies combined with the customer’s commitment to the implementation of quality programs are critical success factors, and their coexistence guarantees, in the ultimate analysis, effective compliance with the Standards and all kinds of norms and regulations.
Swiss Approval aspires to be the alternative and innovative solution in the fields of Inspection, Certification and Quality Assessment, providing high quality certification services, combined with the prestige inspired by the Swiss culture, fully identified with accuracy, objectivity, and impartiality.