Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung S.A.


Personnel certification is a process through which interested professionals can demonstrate (through examinations) their competence in their field of interest. The certification of their competence (knowledge, skills and competences) is beneficial not only for themselves but also for the companies employing them.

The personnel certification services offered by our company are either ISO 17024 accredited or branding services through internal regulations.

To ensure the quality of the services provided, SWISS APPROVAL has elaborated and adopted POLICIES of Impartiality as well as Data Security:

Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung, offers certification in various specialties including specialties in the field of technical professions mainly, but also professions in the field of Administration and Corporate Affairs Management. The company’s accreditations will soon be extended to other fields, addressing the general public and the modern needs of today’s modern employees.

For this purpose, it applies standardized procedures in accordance with the international standard for Accreditation of Personnel Certification Bodies ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17024.

Available ways of examination through our institution are:

  • Written and/or Oral Examinations in a conventional classroom setting.
  • Written and/or Oral Examinations in an online mode via computer & remotely.
  • On-site Examinations in the field, practical examination.

Personnel related to Welding

 General presentation of the SATB’s Personnel Certification Process in the form of Flow Charts (7.2.2. Public Information):

SATB Personnel Certification Regulations (Public Information):

The Application of an Interested Party for Personnel Certification, ISO 17024 accredited, IN ΕΝGLISH VERSION is as follows:

The Application of an Interested Party for Personnel Certification, ISO 17024 accredited, IN GREEK VERSION is as follows:

The Requirements for Application and Participation in a Certification Scheme are as follows: