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Road accidents are, according to international data, the most common cause of injury, disability and death worldwide. It is estimated that millions of people are fatally injured or permanently disabled as a result of an injury from a road traffic accident around the world every year. This makes road traffic safety (RTS) a critical global issue with incalculable human, social and economic impacts.

The international standard ISO 39001, specifies the minimum requirements for the development and implementation of a Road Traffic Safety Management System (RTS) to improve safety and reduce accidents, and to reduce the risk of serious injury or death due to road traffic accidents.

The requirements include the development and implementation of an appropriate RTS policy, the development of objectives within this policy and action plans that take into account legal and other requirements, resulting in a complete plan with the PDCA cycle, Plan – Do – Check – Act, as a reference point.

This international standard applies to public and private organisations that interact with the road network such as national road authorities, government transport agencies, and private road safety companies.

The RTS management system may be compatible or integrated with other management systems of the organization.

The benefits of ISO 39001 certification:

  • Implementation of best practices in the organization to meet the requirements of legislation and stakeholders
  • Identify road traffic risks and improve efficiency in their management
  • Reduction of operational and insurance costs
  • Establishment and improvement of existing operating procedures
  • Compliance with policy and objectives within the organisation

The implementation and promotion of organisational measures for road safety by the accredited organisation demonstrates social responsibility towards customers and stakeholders.

The Swiss Approval body guarantees the provision of accredited certification, giving organisations the appropriate passport to the international market, ensuring compliance, accurately and independently, with the principles and rules established by the ISO 39001 standard.