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Management Systems Certification Services – ISO 17021 Accredited. IAF Recognition.

By partnering with an independent, world-class Certification Body with Internationally Recognized Accreditation Body (IAF) accreditations, the Company, its customers, partners and all stakeholders benefit from the stable, reliable and verifiable assessment system that the IAF can provide.

The accredited certification of a quality management system by Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung helps to ensure maximum benefit and added value to the Company’s customers from the services provided.

The certification of an organisation/company provides significant benefits from the implementation of management systems, including risk reduction measures and improved operational efficiency, which in turn leads to improved efficiency, less waste, lower production costs, and ultimately higher operational profit.

It is now a fact that the growth and expansion of the Management Systems certification sector in recent years is remarkable. Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung counts more than 1,000 certified customers within a network that is constantly expanding.

Management Systems Certification

Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung, has obtained important accreditations that ensure the provision of reliable certification services, in systems according to the following standards:

Inspection is the systematic and objective examination of data, statements, statements, records, records, and the operations and performance of an enterprise with respect to the application of a standard adopted by the enterprise, with specific objectives and in the context of its broader corporate policy.

Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung for the effective execution of the inspection, receives and evaluates the relevant documentation prior to the on-site inspection, collects evidence during the inspection, evaluates it using comparative tables, and finally formulates an evaluative judgement, which is recorded in the audit report, which is communicated to the client. Our inspectors assess the management systems of companies and organisations in accordance with internationally recognised standards either against specific requirements and/or internal (private) compliance criteria on behalf of our clients.

COMPLETE SYSTEM 8128 – Integrated Management Systems

A modern, innovative and integrated certificate is introduced to the global market through Swiss Approval International’s range of services under the name: COMPLETE SYSTEM 8128.

Complete System 8128 is a single certificate, combining and replacing all individual certificates (ISO 9000/14000/27000/18000 etc.), improving the efficiency of the operation of multiple management systems.

In number theory, a natural number is called ‘complete’ when the sum of its positive divisors, excluding the number itself, is equal to that number. The definition comes from antiquity, specifically from the time of Euclid, the number is also called “perfect” or “ideal”. The first perfect number is 6, then 28, then the number 496 and finally the number 8128.

Swiss Approval International has developed COMPLETE SYSTEM 8128, following the ISO guide for the implementation and certification of integrated management systems, thus offering the international business community an innovative and integrated approach to multidimensional, standards-based systems.

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